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Step Right Feeds

CR ProFibre Crunch

$17.95 - 18 kg

ProFibre Crunch is a high fibre extruded kibble pellet complete feed blend for horses requiring special nutrients.  Manufactured with no added sugar and minimal starch - it is ideal for horses with metabolic issues.

Step 8 Hi-Fat


$19.90 - 15 kg

Step 8 Hi-Fat is a high fat, high fibre, low NSC extruded horse feed for horses with higher energy requirements or special nutrient requirements.

Step 2 Peak Sweet


$18.60 - 20 kg
Step 2 Peak Sweet is a texturized high energy feed designed for performance horses, growing horses, stallions and hard keepers.  Great for horses engaged in heavy exercise, or for those requiring additional energy intake for metabolic reasons.

Step 6 Senior Feed


$19.40 - 20 kg

Step 6 Senior is a feed designed to make your horse feel young again.  Senior is an extruded pellet feed blend created to address the unique dietary challenges faced by senior horses, hard keepers or mature horses having difficulty maintaining condition.

Step 5 Maintenance


$17.50 - 18 kg

Step 5 Maintenance is an extruded high fibre feed designed specifically for mature horses requiring less dietary energy and protein.

Step 4 Complete Feed


$15.60 - 20 kg

Step 4 Complete Feed

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